Big Sky Real Estate

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    Big Sky, MT Neighborhoods

    Real estate in Big Sky, Montana is divided into three distinct regions. Within each of these regions there are many neighborhoods and developments with varying amenities. Our hope is to help you understand the different regions, developments and neighborhoods in which Big Sky real estate is available.

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    Big Sky, Montana Resource Directory

    Although we are a small community, you will find that it is well equipped with all the necessary resources. First, lets start with some fun Montana facts: Montana is the fourth largest state but 44th in population. No state has as wide a variety of mammals as Montana. Montana has the largest Grizzly Bear population in the lower 48. In Montana, there are more big game animals (Elk, Deer and antelope) than people. 46 of Montana’s 56 counties are considered “Frontier” meaning they average around 7 people per sq. mile. The largest snowflake ever observed fell in the late 1800’s.  It was almost 15 inches across. Yellowstone National Park Facts 3 of Yellowstone National Parks 5 entrances are located in Montana.  Yellowstone was the first National Park in the world. Yellowstone is 63 miles long and 54 miles wide.  That is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. There are…