Anne Talley - Assistant to Jeff Helms | Broker

Anne Talley

Assistant to Jeff Helms | Broker
  • 25 Town Center Avenue
    25 Town Center Avenue
    PO Box 161582
    Big Sky, MT 59716
"We are 100% committed to seeing this community evolve and thrive."

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Anne moved to Big Sky in 1998 after graduating from Penn State University. She started working for the local newspaper which allowed her to establish relationships within the professional community. From there, she moved on to the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce, which continued her involvement in the growth of Big Sky. In 2002, Anne was approached to help set up a local real estate company and after a few years on the job, received her broker’s license in 2006. Anne started working with Jeff Helms in 2012 and the two of them have continued to succeed with The Big Sky Real Estate Company. She spends her free time hiking, running, cross-country skiing, and spending time with her kids.

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